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Kombitast Article

Schlegel Kombitast Rontrol Juwel

Kombitast Rontron Juwel Series pushbuttonKombitast Rontron Juwel Series Switch

Kombitast Rontron Juwel series by Schlegel Elektrokontakt. George Schlegel Elektrokontakt have been winning the many world reknown design awards for over 50 years with their German manufactured ranges of push button switches. The various ranges of Rontron Juwel series have received various design awards.

Here we are focusing on the Kombitast RJ Juwel series being pictured. With an outside diameter of 36 mm and a hole size of 30.5 mm it is well suited to applications where easy access is preferred. The front bezel has a height of 2.7mm with a minimum protection level of IP65.  Being Stainless Steel this also allows for a wider range of applications and extends the high quality of the product. These actuators are available in a various styles including emergency stop, key, selector, toggle and push button.


Kombitast R Juwel Series


Kombitast R Juwel Series (OD 36 mm)


Kombitast Actuators


Variant: Front Bezel

  • Metalic look
  • Charcoal
  • Stainless Steel