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BAUSER is a German manufacturer located in Empfingen close to the Schwarzwald (Black Forrest).  Julius Bauser started the company BAUSER in 1953 for the production of high quality hour and pulse counters.  As a family owned company with more than 60 years of tradition they offer a unique range of manufacture with their own product development and production.  They offer transparency,safety, know-how and flexibility from concept to production with distributors in more than 50 countries BAUSER has a world-wide reach and the most extensive range of counters.

BAUSER instruments provide a versatile clusters that complement the aesthetics of vehicle and machinery equipment.  With the ability of combining several single indication instruments into one unit improving supervision and control from a single source.

BAUSER has decades of experience in the sectors of electronic, electro technical and software engineering and their manufacturing is in accordance with ISO 9001:2008


Bauser hour meter 1Hour counters (Hourmeters)










“Non Starting” Battery Monitors (12 / 24 / 36 or 48 volt systems)








– “Starting” Battery Monitors (12 / 24 or 36 volt)