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Teddington Controls

Teddington Controls Ltd most recent acquisition took place in 2002 by Henderson Industries with Mr James Henderson leading the company by performing in the Managing Director/Chairman role.

Teddington manufacture a complete range of automatic controls and equipment utilizing modern technology including microelectronics, CAD, along with their own assembly and test plant at the St Austell site in Conrnwall.

Teddington are a leader in design, development and manufacture of quality pressure, temperature and flow rate control products.  These products are used in many fields including Refrigeration, Gas, Oil, Solid Fuel, Engine Protection, Domestic Appliances, Central Heating, Industrial and Marine Panels.

Teddington maintain a high quality product in accordance with Quality Assurance Control Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and they also hold ‘A’ class vendor rating awards.

Teddington Temperature Switches

Teddington Level Monotiring