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Control Switchgear

ANZ Controls are the exclusive agents for Schlegel Elektrokontakt, German manufacturers of push button switches, pilot lights, contact blocks, wiring terminals and limit switches. Schlegel products are renowned for their functionality, innovation and award wining industrial design.

Schlegel Elektrokontakt is an Associate Company of Georg Schlegel GmbH & Co., a German manufacturer endowed with German culture of industriousness, innovation and precision and in constant search of new solutions to meet customers demand for high product quality.

Specialising in providing ideas, designs and concepts in visualisation of both static and dynamic information display for command centre, supervisory and control rooms. Schlegel control units enhance conventional control panels with ergonomically designed, high quality products.

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Oktron R Series


Controls Units – 16 mm panel cut out

  • Oktron Series (OD 25 x 25 mm)
  • Oktron R Series (OD 25  mm)
  • Quartron Series (OD 25 x 25 mm)
  • RX Series (OD 24 mm)



Rondex M

Control Units – 22 mm panel cut out

  • DUX Basic Series (OD 30 mm)
  • Quartex R Series (OD 30 x 30 mm)
  • Rondex Series (28 mm)
  • Rondex M Series (OD 28 mm)
  • Rontron Q Juwel Series (OD 28 mm)
  • Rontron R Juwel Series (OD 28 mm)
  • Rontron RJ Edelstahl Series (OD 28 mm)
  • RVA Series (OD 28 mm)


Kombitast R Juwel Series

Control Units – 30 mm panel cut out

  • Kombitast R Juwel Series (OD 36 mm)
  • Kombitast R Series (OD 37.5 mm)
  • Some available with Stainless Steel bezels





Control Units – Square panel cut out

  • Oktron Juwel Series (OD 25 x 25 mm)
  • Quartron Juwel (OD 27 x 27 mm)
  • Quartex R Juwel (OD 30 x 30 mm)
  • Quartron (OD 25 x 25 mm)



RVA Stainless Steel


Control Units – Stainless Steel front

  • Rontron RJ Edelstahl Series (3 mm travel)
  • RVA Edelstahl Series (6 mm travel)




Emergency Stops Series

Emergency Stop program

  • Various Series
  • 16 / 22 / 30 mm
  • Square / Round
  • Key lockable (Option)
  • Padlock lockout (Option)
  • Position indicator (Option)




Nameplate Listing

  •  Self-adhesive nameplates for external nameplate holders
  • To suit a variety of series




Contact Blocks – Terminal type

  • A and AZ series contact blocks
  • B series contact blocks

Contacts Blocks – Screw type

  • E series contact blocks
  • M Series contact blocks




Electric Terminals

  • Fixblock IK series terminals – Captive screw connections 
  • Spring cage IFK series terminals – Screw-less Quick Assembly
  • Quick fast connect ISK series terminals




EK series


Limit Switches

  • EKU1 Series
  • K Series
  • GW Series