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July Newsletter – Schlegel

Rontron Series Actuators


Rontron-RJ-Edelstahl (800x450)


The Schlegel range of Rontron actuators come in 3 types: round, oval and stainless steel versions to suit the standard 22mm hole size. These sleekly designed actuators are a Red Dot design award winning actuator. Their use has grown to be one of Schlegel’s bestselling actuators throughout the world. They come in a full range including Push Buttons, Pilot Lights,  Emergency Stops, Key Switches, Selector Heads and many more.


Rontron-Q-Juwel (800x511)

Rontron Q Juwel Series



Rontron-R-Juwel (800x495)

Rontron R Juwel Series 



Rontron-RJ-Edelstahl (800x450)

Rontron RJ Edelstahl 


Suitable Contact Blocks

B Series


B Series Contact Blocks (3mm Travel)

  • Approvals: CE, CSA, GOST-R, UL, CCC, KEEMA,
  • Conforms to Australian Standards
  • Electrical life: 1 million cycles at 250 V / 6 (3) Amps
  • Operating Temperature range: -50 deg C to 70 deg C (without illumination)
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